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Ed Pipan - "Marian Heart Center saved my life."

Ed Pipan knows first-hand the value of Marian Medical Center’s Cardiology Services. He was always in great health. But, when he began feeling tightness in his chest while horseback riding with his wife Laurie, Ed knew he needed to get to Marian’s emergency room quickly.

“For the past few years, I had felt like I was slowing down,” said Ed. “I attributed it to just getting older.”

Once in the emergency room, Ed learned that it was much more than just getting older. He was seen immediately. A quick review of his symptoms and some preliminary tests convinced doctors that Ed needed an angiogram.

The cardiologist quickly discovered that one of Ed’s major arteries was 95 percent blocked and two others had 85 percent blockages. Ed required a triple bypass surgery, which was scheduled for the next day.

“The whole time I was at Marian, both Laurie and I felt completely cared for,” said Ed. “The doctors and nursed kept us well informed. We didn’t have a chance to feel afraid. They had the situation under control. I never felt that safe anywhere.”

The bypass surgery was a success and twelve weeks later, Ed was back in the saddle riding assertively and declaring that Marian saved his life.

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