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Morning Rounds Seasonal Affective Disorder

KCOY's Dave Alley speaks with Dr. Mark Juretic of Marian Regional Medical Center to learn more about seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a problem that strikes many Americans during wintertime.

Morning Rounds Urological Surgery Advancements

State-of-the-art technology, such as the da Vinci surgical system, is changing the way doctors treat patients with urological cancer.

Morning Rounds Enterovirus

KCOY's Dave Alley speaks with Marian's Dr. Mark Juretic to find out what smarter food options are recommended to make Thanksgiving dinner healthier.






Morning Rounds Enterovirus

KCOY's Dave Alley speaks with Marian's Dr. Mark Juretic to find out what enterovirus is and why it's so dangerous, especially for children.






Morning Rounds Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dignity Health's Dr. Monica Rocco speaks about risk factors, screening recommendations and treatment options.  






Morning Rounds Alzheimer's Disease

Dignity Health's Dr. Mark Juretic talks about Alzheimer's Disease for World Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month.  






Morning Rounds Bariatric Surgery

The Weight Loss Surgery Institute of the Central Coast at Marian Regional Medical Center is helping residents live healthier lives by providing a comprehensive weight loss surgery program.  





Morning Rounds Marian Residency Program

Marian Regional Medical Center in Santa Maria has created a Family Medicine Residency Program.  





Morning Rounds Dehydration

With summer in full swing, Marian's Dr. Mark Juretic speaks about the dangers of dehydration and ways to prevent it.






Morning Rounds Immunizations

With August recognized as National Immunization Awareness Month, Morning Rounds takes a look at vaccines and keeping the public healthy.






National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Marian Regional Medical Center's Dr. Mark Juretic appears on KCOY12, "Wake Up Central Coast News" on February 25, 2014.






Why Volunteer at Marian Regional Medical Center?

Hear from the volunteers why they love to spend time at Marian Regional Medical Center.






Residency Program

See the many opportunities that the Marian Regional Medical Center Residency Program offers!






da Vinci Surgical Patient - Frank Ortiz

Less invasive. More precision. Faster recovery.  da Vinci is here!






Mission Hope Cancer Center - Roger Nelson, Colon Cancer Patient

Hope begins here.





Mission Hope Cancer Center - Tami Sonnabend, Breast Cancer Survivor

Hope begins here.




New.  And Always Will Be.  Commercial

At Marian Regional Medical Center, quality healthcare is more than a state-of-the-art building. It's a promise to provide our community with exceptional medicine, today and every day.





Comprehensive Cardiac Care - Commercial - Larry Lavagnino

It was an expert team of cardiac physicians, and a heart center ranked in the top 10% nationally, that allowed Larry Lavagnino to drive on.




Comprehensive Cardiac Care - Commercial - Diane Heath

Diane Heath had a heart attack.  She was rushed to Marian Regional Medical Center for treatment where an expert team of cardiac physicians quickly attended to her. 



Dignity Health Home Health Services

Dignity Health Home Health professionals thrive on the progress and wellness of their patients. Quality professionals. Comprehensive Home Health Services. 


16 Beautiful Photos of Marian Regional Medical Center

Enjoy these 16 beautiful photos of Marian Regional Medical Center.





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